Chand Shanbe Ba Sina – 195

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Chand Shanbe Ba Sina
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Chand Shanbe Ba Sina – 194 Chand Shanbe Ba Sina View The Main Page

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Looking for the best romantic Turkish drama series? Here’s the list of the best, most popular ones! They are heart-touching, funny, sad, twisted, or soothing – they all are different, but each of them is super romantic!

15 Turkish Dramas You Should Watch Now Vatanim Sensin (59 episodes) Price of Passion (32 episodes) Calikusu (72 episodes) Kiralik Ask (69 episodes) Cesur Ve Güzel (32 episodes) You Knock on My Door (152 episodes) Be My Sunshine (25 episodes) The Magnificent Century (139 episodes) Love Logic Revenge (42 episodes) Muhteşem Yüzyıl: Kösem (Magnificent Century: Kosem) (60 episodes) Afili Ask (38 episodes) Last Summer (13 episodes) Fatmagul Sucu Ne (What is Fatmagul's Fault?) (80 episodes) İlk Ve Son (9 episodes) Bir Deli Rüzgar (6 episodes)

15. Bir Deli Rüzgar Genre: Drama, Romance Episodes: 6 Original Release: 2018

One of the best romantic Turkish drama series, Bir Deli Rüzgar focuses on the story of a young beautiful girl with musical talent. Although she doesn’t come from a wealthy family, she can’t stop dreaming about her dreams of performing on big scenes. She manages to achieve her goals, but her popularity lasts only ten years.

14. İlk Ve Son Genre: Drama Episodes: 9 Original Release: 2021

The story of this Turkish drama series spans over 10 years. We are introduced to a young girl and boy in their mid-20s who experience a stormy love story. We dive into a journey of their memories and see their life from the moment of their marriage till the very end, the inevitable divorce.

13. Fatmagul Sucu Ne Genre: Drama, Romance Episodes: 80 Original Release: 2010–2012

This romantic Turkish series is based on the novel, so it’s a must-watch for all the readers! Watching it, you will see how love can turn into hate and how hate can turn into love.

12. Last Summer Genre: Drama, Romance Episodes: 13 Original Release: 2021

Here’s a Turkish teen drama that will touch your heart! The actions take place in a beachside town, during summer vacations. A 16-year-old boy and his family go on vacation to a village where everyone knows them. There, he meets his childhood crush. Unfortunately, what could have been a love story, becomes true suffering.

11. Afili Ask Genre: Comedy, Romance Episodes: 38 Original Release: 2019–2020

This drama centers on a young girl who is forced to marry a popular, rich, and handsome guy. Afraid of her manipulative and stalking brothers on one side and forced marriage on the other, she decides to disappear from her neighborhood.

10. Magnificent Century: Kösem Genre: Drama, History, Romance Episodes: 60 Original Release: 2015–2017

Here’s one of the top historical Turkish drama series for those of you who love palace intrigues, politics, and harem stories. The storyline tells about Anastasia, an innocent Greek girl brought into the harem of Sultan Ahmed I as a slave. That’s when she changed her name to “Kosem,” which means leader.

9. Love Logic Revenge Genre: Comedy, Romance Episodes: 42 Original Release: 2021–2022

The female lead has never wanted to marry a man like her father, who left her family bankrupt because of his business failures. However, the story repeats itself. The girl marries a bright engineer who quits a stable government job to start his own business. After the bankruptcy of those businesses, she ends up working several jobs to get by somehow and, as a result, divorces her husband.

8. The Magnificent Century Genre: Biography, Drama, History Episodes: 139 Original Release: 2011–2014

Here’s one of the best romantic Turkish drama series ever, especially perfect for those who love historicals. The Magnificent Century revolves around the story of Suleiman the Magnificent, who reigned the Ottoman Empire for the longest period. Also, it centers on his wife Hurrem Sultan, a slave girl from Ukraine, as well as Suleiman’s relatives and friends. Time goes by and soon, he doesn’t know who is a friend and who is a foe.

7. Be My Sunshine Genre: Comedy, Romance Episodes: 25 Original Release: 2021

Here’s a Turkish drama for those of you who love office romance! It tells the story of a city girl who used to live a fast-paced lifestyle and a simple man living his peaceful life in a small olive factory. Yet, their lives change drastically when they meet.

6. You Knock on My Door Genre: Comedy, Romance Episodes: 52 Original Release: 2020–2021

5. Cesur Ve Güzel Genre: Crime, Drama, Romance Episodes: 32 Original Release: 2016–2017

The story centers on a man who plans to avenge the death of his father. He doesn’t know yet that he will deeply fall in love with the daughter of a man he thinks is a murderer of his father. Will he be able to give up on revenge for his beloved woman? And how will the female lead be able to be together with a man who wants the worst for her father?

4. Kiralik Ask Genre: Comedy, Romance Episodes: 69 Original Release: 2015–2017

This Turkish rom-com revolves around a poor girl who is forced to make a rich man fall in love with her. Because of her life obstacles, she has to make a wealthy shoe designer marry her. Her brother not only gets into debt but also is captured, while she is left together with her sister and grandmother with no money, and not being able to help.

3. Calikusu Genre: Drama, History, Romance Episodes: 72 Original Release: 2013–2014

Based on the classic Turkish book of the same name, Calikusu tells the story of an orphaned girl who starts living in a wealthy family of her loving uncle and aunt. The story shows her life in their home as well as in a boarding school she has to attend.

2. Price of Passion Genre: Action, Drama, Romance Episodes: 32 Original Release: 2017–2018

One of the best romantic Turkish drama series, it follows the story of a woman who devotes her life to helping others. She is a successful doctor and a really compassionate person but is also a strong woman who can handle herself (which is not often seen in dramas).

1. Vatanim Sensin Genre: Drama, History, Romance Episodes: 59 Original Release: 2016–2018

Set during the period of the Turkish War for Independence (1919-1923), the drama tells the story of a family that is falling apart. Watching Vitanim Sensin, you will learn about an interesting time in Turkish history, when the Sultanate was abolished and Turkey became a nation. However, we also witness the tragic story of a hero and his family.

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Episode Details
Name : Chand Shanbe Ba Sina
Episode : 195

Year : 2019
Grade : 3.5
Language : persian

Release Date : 2 Month Ago
Other Info : High Quality

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